21 May 2019 - General Meeting

Thank you to the 202 members who attended the General Meeting held on Tuesday evening of 21st May 2019. It was extremely pleasing to see so many members wanting to express their views and participate in the ballot.
There were two resolutions to consider, being one special resolution in connection with the joining fee as documented in our constitution and one ordinary resolution regarding funding of a portion of the renovation works through a levy of the membership.

Many members attending availed themselves of the opportunity to express their respective views prior to the completion of the ballots.

Both resolutions failed to meet the required support. Below are the results of both ballots:

  1. Special Resolution – to remove clause 15.3 regarding the determination of the joining fee. The special resolution failed to meet the threshold of 75%, with 70% of votes in the affirmative and 30% against the resolution.
  2. Ordinary Resolution – to authorise the General Committee to fund the shortfall of voluntary donations for the downstairs renovations through a general levy on the membership. The ordinary resolution failed to meet the threshold of 50%, with 45% of votes in the affirmative and 55% against the resolution.

As indicated in the covering letter for the meeting, your General Committee will now develop alternate options that will be presented to members for approval regarding the funding of the renovations.

The General Committee will consider all options including those expressed on the evening and subsequently after the meeting by various members. We will inform members as quickly as possible as to alternatives. This will not be done in haste, given the significant nature of the project requirements.

Remediation and Renovation Update February 2019

Approximately 70 members recently attended an update evening on Tuesday 26 February to hear Commodore Greg Mason present a thorough summary of the renovation project to date and the challenges ahead, while Rear Commodore Caroline Crane presented an overview on the status of funding.

The main points from the presentation included:

1. Renovation Rationale – The key drivers of the renovation project remain unchanged and include: an overdue remediation of the ageing building infrastructure; an under-utilised downstairs area; necessary kitchen and storeroom improvements; and antiquated change rooms and bathroom facilities. Due to an ageing demographic, the Club also needs to offer an all-weather, family-friendly and more casual dining facility – the downstairs renovation of the clubhouse will support this important goal.

2. Council DA Approved – While the Club was successful in achieving a DA approval with no design changes in early 2018, the Council took the opportunity to impose operating hours on the Club for the first time in its long history. These operating hours consist of closing times of 12 midnight inside and 10pm outside but are reviewable back to 10pm inside and 8pm outside, should the renovation of the Clubhouse lead to a loss of amenity in the neighbourhood as measured by neighbours’ sustainable and justifiable complaints. Enactment of the reviewable hours would entail a rigorous review process over a period of time. An appeal to remove these reviewable operating hours was sought by the Club, however this was rejected by the Local Planning Panel following several neighbours’ objections.

3. Preferred Builder Selected – In parallel, the General Committee undertook a competitive tender process to select a builder in late 2018. Our preferred builder submitted a fixed price of $2.185m for the whole renovation project based on a start date of mid-May this year and completion by September. This is a ~$700k increase on the original estimate in early 2017 due to increased project scope as a result of member feedback on the design and a 2-year delay since the indicative costings were first provided. The Committee estimates a further $425k in add-on costs will be required to cover items not included in the construction contract such as contingencies, professional fees, and temporary office and sailing facilities while the clubhouse is closed. The contract has not been signed at this point.

4. Next Steps – The Committee has considered various go-forward options which include:
A. Proceeding with the current DA including the reviewable operating hours.
B. Appealing to the Land & Environment Court regarding the reviewable hours.
C. Deferring and/or adjusting the whole project.
Subject to successful financing, the Committee supports Option A

5. Fundraising Challenge – To enable the project to be completed this winter, we have limited time to raise the required funds. In total, the Club has access to $1.43m through a combination of member donations to date ($624k from 125 members), accumulated development levy ($206k) and operating cash on hand as at the end of this financial year ($600k estimate). This implies a ~$1.2m shortfall to meet the total project cost. However, the additional funds required to commence construction in May is approximately $1m, given some of the additional or optional items can be delayed if required.
Following the presentation, the Q&A session with members extended to over 25 questions and comments from the floor. The overwhelming preference from the members present was that the Club should accept the current DA with reviewable operating hours and press on with the fundraising and renovation this coming winter. Many fundraising ideas were also raised by members on the night, and these will be considered by the Committee as we go forward.

The Committee remains fully committed to this renovation project to help ensure the sustainable future of the REPYC for the next 100 years. More information will be available in coming weeks.

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded below:

Any member who wishes to make a tax-deductible donation via the ASF website:www.asf.org.au/projects/royal-prince-edward-yacht-club

Any queries from members can be directed to the undersigned.
Greg Mason – Commodore
Adrian Broadbent – Vice Commodore
Caroline Crane – Rear Commodore
Chris Gosselin – Development Committee Chair

Information including Development Applications and Meetings may also be viewed in the members information section of the website

Member Information

To download the presentation as a PDF please click below:

Update on Remediation and Renovation - May 2018

Update on Remediation and Renovation

As communicated to members in March, the Club has received development consent from the Woollahra Council for remediation and renovation of the Clubhouse.

The preparatory work for the project is in its final stages with design drawings and visualisations almost completed. This will be followed by a tender process for the short-listed builders as per our previous timetable. A selection of visuals provided by our architect James Garvan are provided in PDF form below:

Plan – Entry – Multi Purpose Room – Rear

While the design plans were approved by Council without alteration, the DA consent placed new conditions on our operating hours. The General Committee is now in the process of seeking a review of these conditions with Council.

Looking forward, the commencement of building works is dependent on a number of interrelated factors including the discussions with Council, finalisation of the design plans, negotiation with builders, and completion of the voluntary fund-raising. All these issues need to be suitably addressed prior to project commencement.

The Committee thanks members for their generous support to date, which includes approximately $470,000 in donations with a further $115,000 pledged. We are organising a number of initiatives over coming months to help achieve our fundraising target, but in the meantime if you would like to assist, please click on the following link to make a tax-deductible donation via the ASF website: www.asf.org.au/projects/royal-prince-edward-yacht-club

As previously advised, all donations will be used for the ground floor renovation. The cost of remediation of the Clubhouse itself (walls, roof, windows and upstairs facilities) will be funded from the Club’s existing maintenance budget.

The Committee remains fully committed to this important project and its stated objectives of ensuring the future viability and vitality of the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club well beyond our upcoming centenary in 2022.

Please click on the following form to donate

Redevelopment Update – September 2017

Redevelopment Update – September 2017

Following the information forums held in February when plans for the ground floor of the Clubhouse were outlined, and also at the General Meeting held in May when members voted overwhelmingly to proceed with the redevelopment, your committee has, wherever possible, taken into account members’ feedback.

As a result, without changing the original overall concept, and mindful of working within the estimated budget, in conjunction with the architect James Garvan the initial plans have been adjusted as follows:

  • Provision of disabled access to the ground floor, including a bathroom which will provide disabled facilities, and will also be used by children and as a family changing area;
  • An increase in the overall storage areas, both in area and flexibility;
  • Relocation of the office to be adjacent to the existing main entrance for security purposes;
  • An increase in the size and facilities of the women’s bathrooms;
  • Confirming the selection of the original “western corridor” floor plan, thereby maintaining the existing exterior western façade and entrances, and providing better access to bathrooms from the lawn and beach without having to walk through the multi-purpose area. This will also provide greater security for the downstairs bar & entertainment area when it is not in use.

Following input received from the necessary consultants, James Garvan will be lodging the DA plans with Woollahra Municipal Council in mid-September, with a view to gaining council approval by Christmas.

Broad details of the floor plans and the design adjustments can be found below.

Meanwhile, thanks to the generosity of a number of members, over $300,000 has already been raised towards the fund-raising target of $850,000. In addition, pledges have been received for a further $140,000, added to which there may be some funds available from the annual development levy. The challenge now is to raise the balance required to allow construction to commence soon after Easter next year. If this can be achieved it is hoped that in conjunction with the remediation work required the whole project can be completed within the next 12 months, and in time for the start of summer 2018/19.

Details on funding can be found on below, along with a proposed timeline for the redevelopment.

Explanation of New Design Features

Wherever possible, members’ feedback has been incorporated into the plans which will shortly be lodged with Council.

1. Western pathway:

Levelled and with incline ramps to allow wheelchair / disabled access to the front lawn, the main entrance, and also via the western corridor to the new ground floor bathrooms and multi-purpose room.

2. Western corridor:

Provides easy access to office and bathrooms from lawn and beach. Security doors (orange shading) will provide separate usage of, and access to, the multi-purpose area.

3. Family change room:

Provides disabled and wheelchair access as requested by members in the consultation process, plus a child-friendly toilet, change room and shower area.

4. Office:

Moved to be adjacent to the existing main entrance and the main stairs to the first floor bar and dining room.

5. Men’s lockers and bathroom:

Renovated and refurbished, but remain broadly in the current position.

6. Women’s lockers and bathroom:

A reconfigured and expanded locker area and bathroom.

7. Multi-Purpose Room:

Secure internal access from the western corridor, or externally through folding glass doors to and from a pergola covered terrace. Bar and servery included as before, with significantly expanded storage areas (shaded yellow).

8. Storage area:

Supplemented by additional storage throughout (yellow shading) where possible.

9. Prep kitchen:

Incorporating a dumb waiter food lift to the main kitchen, with dry store and cool room.

10. External access:

Covered walkway for service and staff to and from the prep kitchen and the multi-purpose room.

Timing and Funding

As outlined on above, the architect James Garvan is due to submit the design plans and development application to Woollahra Council in mid-September with a view to receiving approval before the end of this year. This will enable construction drawings and tenders to be called for in early 2018. Subject to funding, construction will commence after Easter 2018, with the project due for completion by spring 2018, ahead of the 2018/19 summer season. It is envisaged that completing the works over winter will help reduce the impact on members’ use of the Club. It will also enable the redevelopment to take place at the same time as the remediation required for the walls, door and window lintels, and roof of the Clubhouse.

If both the redevelopment and remediation can be carried out simultaneously, it is estimated this will result in significant savings, possibly in the order of 20% of the total cost of the combined works.

As also outlined above, the first round of donations raised over $300,000 from approximately 10% of the Club’s membership. Adding to this amount a number of these and other members have pledged to donate a further $140,000 this financial year. As a result, donations received so far, plus these pledges will potentially take the current total close to $450,000. In addition, there may be funds available from the development fund which members contribute to as part of their annual subscriptions.

As previously advised, the essential remediation to the walls and roof will be funded from the Club’s existing financial resources. While the response to date and donations for the redevelopment have been tremendous, the target for voluntary fundraising is $850,000, leaving an amount of over $400,000 still to be raised through the Australian Sports Foundation’s tax deductable donations program.

How You Can Help!

The $300,000 already raised, and the future pledges, have both come from the generosity of a relatively small number of members. Almost 90%, or over 450 members have yet to donate or make a pledge towards these fund-raising efforts. While understanding that everyone has a different motivation and ability to contribute, your committee would like to ask all members to help to secure the future of our Club for current and future generations of members.

As advised earlier in the year, the committee decided not to make a compulsory call on members, but this inevitably means the club is dependent on the generosity and financial support of members to ensure the redevelopment can proceed as early as possible.

Members can make their donations directly through the Australian Sports Foundation website, with all donations being 100% tax deductable. Visit https://asf.org.au/projects/royal-prince-edward-yacht-club/

Alternatively, if you would prefer, included with the letter that was sent to every member, is a donation pledge form which can be completed and returned to the club by mail, fax or email.

You can download the form here too: Donation Pledge Form.

Like to know more?

There will be a further information session held at the club on Tuesday 19th September at 7:00 PM. All members are welcome to attend to ask the committee and the architect questions regarding the plans, timing and funding of this exciting stage in the club’s history and its future. Updates are and will continue to be available on the club’s website www.rpeyc.com.au. Alternatively, comments can be sent to The Secretary, PO Box 2502, Bondi Junction NSW 1355, or emailed to development@rpeyc.com.au.

Gregory Mason
September 1, 2017

To download the above information as a PDF please click the link below: